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Atomica Deluxe is a fun and smart puzzle game by PopCap
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Atomica Deluxe is a puzzle game distributed by PopCap Games. As many PopCap games, the puzzle formula is very similar. That's not a bad thing though, as Atomica will certainly suck up some time out of your life. Your game board consists of a grid and in each square there is space for one atom. Each atom has different color, and the purpose of the game is to create atomic reactions by moving 4 or more atoms together. The more atoms you get together the bigger the reaction. Sounds simple, right? However, new atoms appear on the grid, that may or may not block your planned move. Now the game has a more strategic element, you have to know which atom to move in order to be more efficient. There are two main modes of gameplay, one is a turn-based strategic game, where each move is followed by a reaction. The other is the real-time game, which is fast-paced and new atoms continuously appear on the grid, so you need to be fast. The game is very simple to play and fun, it will entertain you for a while. However, it still feels like deja-vu when playing, just with a different theme.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good puzzling fun


  • Same formula as other puzzle games, just different theme
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